Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nameless Guard: Squad Rust

The empty Land Raider would be a waste of transport capacity, so I'm going to fill it with this unit of 7 terminators, Squad Rust.

Painted and based as all other Nameless Guard models. Four of these were converted with parts of loyal and chaos terminators by an unknown person I bought them from. I can take credits for adding a standard to the champions backpack only, nothing else. Three remaining terminators are standard plastic miniatures.

Don't ask me for their weaponry - it's a mix of everything.

The third element to be painted this month is a unit of plague marines. Two days to paint it from the beginning to the end? I've proven already it is possible, but can it be a habit of mine?


  1. It seems really nice, but please give us bigger photos! :)


      Big enough? :)