Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nameless Guard - Looking for Nameless

This whole army project is slowly coming to (hopefully) successful end. The problem is I don't have the most important model yet...


There are many different options on the market, I'm trying to pick the best one. Wanna help? I haven't yet decided who Nameless actually is, but generally speaking he could be a greater demon, demon prince or chaos lord. Let's check these three groups separately. The basic assumptions - it should fit the army, doesn't need to be a GW product and should be relatively inexpensive.

Greater Demons

A greater demon would be a great centerpiece in my army. There is the official GW model...

... but it's a Finecast model. Forge World model is even bigger and most probably of a higher quality...

Of course, there are other large demons on the market. Here are examples from MaxMini, Scibor Monstrous Miniatures and Ultraforge.

The problem is that these impressive models have even more impressive prices. I think that even the second-hand models will be outside my acceptable price range, unless there is a company willing to become a sponsor of the Nameless Guard.

Let's move with something smaller then...

Demon Princes

We are still within the large-and-eyecatching-models range, but also reaching the acceptable price level. The GW Nurgle demon prince would be one the most obvious choices, if it wasn't the Finecast model...

Maybe if I found the old metal copy? Forge World has a demon prince too in its range, but it's rather pricey.

Ultraforge again


Something less nurgly, to boost your invention - two Cryx warcasters from Privateer Press

Finally, the third group...

Chaos Lords

By chaos lords I mean models resembling GW Typhus (Finecast again...) - bigger than a standard marine, terminator armour etc.

Maxmini has this one...

Scibor sculpted these three

Another Polish company, HiTech, released this model...

... but I could also use one of their Terrorizers

By the way, I have two spare sets of demonic wings, so in fact any of these models (demon princes and chaos lords) could get them for some additional oomph factor.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Have I missed something cool? Do you have anything I could buy from you?

Please, leave your proposals, sponsorship and sale offers in the comment or contact me. Without Nameless this army will not be complete...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nameless Guard - Bonesmobile

The weekend had been full of tests and exams and Monday was full of painting. Rhino in half a day, anyone?

This APC was provided for the Squad Bones painted in May, so here's one more pic to show you the whole unit.

Getting closer to the end of this project... oh yeah, it may actually be a success. Surprise, surprise!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nameless Guard - Too Long

"Long" in the post topic has nothing to do with the time I spent on painting this new unit or the whole army. It's just that I wanted to show you what happens if you stay too long in the Nameless Guard.

Well, basically, you rot...

Squad Rot

That was a very welcome break from painting the guardians' armours. Welcome and very short, too. Cutting these plaguebearers off the sprues and assembling took me more time than painting and basing, I believe.

I wanted them to look quite different from other models in the army, yet still achieve the overall coherency. Yellowish skin distinguish them from the rest of the Nameless Guard, while bases and orange elements tie them together. Hopefully.

Now, back to power armours...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nameless Guard - Plans for June

Let's see how many models I can finish between my exams and other duties...

June is a "Troops" month in the Painters Activation event. Again, I will miss the theme completely, kind of getting used to it. You know, it's a tradition of mine.

What you can see on the photo below are three new elements for my army.

The first one is a continuation of the last month painting - Rhino APC for a unit painted in May. Then, still on the sprues, plaguebearers. 10 of them, but I will paint 7 only, as planned from the beginning. Finally, another unit of 7 plague marines with a champion - a mix of old metal and converted plastic models. This unit will get wings so I can field them as Raptors.

That's it folks. As always - keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hip Hip Huron

Well, I didn't get Huron just to write a review. I got it because someone wanted me to paint it for him. It's always encouraging when somebody else thinks your paintjobs are nice enough to be part of a collection or an army.

This particular model will hopefully be a killer machine at table-tops somewhere in the US. My good friend always says that painted miniatures get better dice rolls.

Huron Blackheart was painted to rather strict instructions from a customer. I think I've only picked colours for Gollum... I mean that demonic puppy.

As they say - client's happy, so I'm happy too!

Review: Huron Blackheart - Games Workshop

Due to customer's request I was kind of forced to delve into the world of Finecast again... I placed an order and waited for my copy of Huron Blackheart with shaking legs and trembling heart. You shouldn't be surprised with my concerns if you remember my first contact with GW resin model.

I've marked two important pieces of information on the blister card - it is the "Finecast" miniature indeed (we'll come to the "fine" part of it later) and there is an age restriction for buyers. Two questions come to my mind immediately. Are elven mages without weapons of mass destruction, mutations and demonic companions 12+ too? Are trained sellers working in official GW shops selling these to children younger under 12 years? My answers (or rather assumptions) would be "yes" in both cases. Back on topic, though!

The miniature came without any transport damages even without foam protection inside. Interesting thing about the packaging is that the blister is welded and you can't open it to check all parts closely. This is not a big issue, as the model is "Mail Order" only anyway...

The miniature comes on two sprues. Two miniatures in fact, there is this little demonic puppy that my son called "Gollum" as soon as he saw it. Anyway, quality seemed pretty ok. Of course, there is stupendous amount of pieces you need to cut off to get bits out, but I couldn't find any obvious casting defects.

No one is satisfied with just a quick quality check, so let's get in a little bit deeper.

Finecast strikes again... I could have made more pics to show you other bubbles or miscast details, but what for? What's the point? Anyone needs another "BEWARE!" sign? Just stay away from Finecast, that's all I have to say.

And to anyone who would like to tell me again they are getting better with quality... do it when GW Finecast look like this.