Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nameless Guard - Plans for June

Let's see how many models I can finish between my exams and other duties...

June is a "Troops" month in the Painters Activation event. Again, I will miss the theme completely, kind of getting used to it. You know, it's a tradition of mine.

What you can see on the photo below are three new elements for my army.

The first one is a continuation of the last month painting - Rhino APC for a unit painted in May. Then, still on the sprues, plaguebearers. 10 of them, but I will paint 7 only, as planned from the beginning. Finally, another unit of 7 plague marines with a champion - a mix of old metal and converted plastic models. This unit will get wings so I can field them as Raptors.

That's it folks. As always - keep your fingers crossed.

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