Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Huron Blackheart - Games Workshop

Due to customer's request I was kind of forced to delve into the world of Finecast again... I placed an order and waited for my copy of Huron Blackheart with shaking legs and trembling heart. You shouldn't be surprised with my concerns if you remember my first contact with GW resin model.

I've marked two important pieces of information on the blister card - it is the "Finecast" miniature indeed (we'll come to the "fine" part of it later) and there is an age restriction for buyers. Two questions come to my mind immediately. Are elven mages without weapons of mass destruction, mutations and demonic companions 12+ too? Are trained sellers working in official GW shops selling these to children younger under 12 years? My answers (or rather assumptions) would be "yes" in both cases. Back on topic, though!

The miniature came without any transport damages even without foam protection inside. Interesting thing about the packaging is that the blister is welded and you can't open it to check all parts closely. This is not a big issue, as the model is "Mail Order" only anyway...

The miniature comes on two sprues. Two miniatures in fact, there is this little demonic puppy that my son called "Gollum" as soon as he saw it. Anyway, quality seemed pretty ok. Of course, there is stupendous amount of pieces you need to cut off to get bits out, but I couldn't find any obvious casting defects.

No one is satisfied with just a quick quality check, so let's get in a little bit deeper.

Finecast strikes again... I could have made more pics to show you other bubbles or miscast details, but what for? What's the point? Anyone needs another "BEWARE!" sign? Just stay away from Finecast, that's all I have to say.

And to anyone who would like to tell me again they are getting better with quality... do it when GW Finecast look like this.

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