Friday, November 22, 2013

Rotten Harvest 2013

With painted Mr. Bones on the shelf I was ready for more painting. The Rotten Harvest contest held at the Wyrd forum gave me a good excuse to take another miniature and motivation to paint it quickly.

Quick research in my boxes returned this Pegaso Models demon in 54mm scale. I thought "Sure, why not" and painted it. Yeah, just like that.

Fight Fire With Fire

Frankly, I'm really proud of this paintjob. One of my best. Maybe THE best. Anyway, I finished it a lot faster than I'd expected, so I've returned  to my boxes.

Fire Walk With Me

This Red Box Games mage was my second entry. I tried to limit palette and used reddish tones all around. Not sure why am I telling you this, you sure can see that without my explanation.

Quite happy to get two entries for the contest I found out that they had extended the deadline. Another day or two? OK then, here's my third entry.

Sick Leave

No success whatsoever in the contest, but who cares? Three more painted miniatures are what matters.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mr. Bones

As you already know I did not paint for few months. In the meantime I've received my Reaper Bones kickstarter set. I have a lot of plastic miniatures lying around now. I do mean a lot!

When I had decided to get back to the painting table I just put my hand into the bag and pulled few miniatures out of it. Mr. Bones, the kickstarter project mascot was one of them. Looked like a good way to start painting that huge pile of Bones.

That new plastic material is very interesting indeed. Not sure yet if I like it but it has some advantages. Oh, it has some drawbacks as well. For instance, it doesn't react well to aerosol primers... Yeah, I should have read about it BEFORE priming, not AFTER. The primer layer has not cured completely making it pretty difficult to paint over it. Oh well, I painted Mr. Bones anyway. Cute little sculpt originally comprising part of this 54mm set. No, I didn't convert it, it came with a shovel.

I came with a rather long title for this piece.


I was back and ready for more painting!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Sinusoid is one of my favourite mathematical curves. Up and down, up and down....

Up and down... You can use it to picture almost any aspect of your life. Health, love, money, job... Yes, miniature painting too.

Up and down...

For four months I was down with miniatures. Very, very down. Then I went to Hussar 2013 and it all changed. I am now very, very up. In less than a month I managed to paint one start-up mini for fun, prepare three entries for the Rotten Harvest contest, finish my Nameless Guard (8 remaining models) and kick the oldest piece out of my Hall of Shame. Not bad, not bad. Quite a lot of things to show you.

Oh, and Hussar was such a blast! Just google it out, check the galleries and read enthusiastic reports.

Stay tuned for more!