Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tag Teams

I like to paint miniatures for my friends. I choose a mini, paint it and then send to one of my friends.

What do I do for my friends who happen to be couples?

I paint two.

Tag Team Fantasy: Hansel and Gretel aka the fantasy police squad

There's a part of truth in every fairy tale... They origin from true events, but a tale gets changed, twisted and modified every time it is told. Take the Grimms' tale of Hansel and Gretel as an example.

They were brother and sister indeed, but while they were small they sure weren't children. The hag was not old and ugly, quite the opposite. But, she ate children, it was proven beyond any doubt. The wood was not as dark as Brothers Grimm say; Hansel and Gretel were not lost there, but were searching for the hag hideout, as this was their assignment. Finally, they did not use any tricks to fool the hag into the oven. Instead, Hansel put a crossbow belt straight through her chest and Gretel chopped her head off. Then, just in case, they indeed burned her body.

Tag Team SF: Hansel and Gretel 40K years later

The story of these two is very similar to the previous one. Replace the dwarfs with grymns (same names though!), forest witch with an alien ravaging some spaceship, substitute guns for medieval weapon and there you go!

Fantasy Tag Teams was made of Red Box Games miniatures sculpted by very talented Tre Manor; SF Tag Team are Hasslefree grymns sculpted by equally skilled Kev White.