Friday, May 31, 2013

Nameless Guard - MAY I Continue?

The plans for May regarding the Nameless Guard were simple: to paint 2 units (plague marines and terminators) and 1 war machine (land raider). That's 15 models, including one stupendous.

30 days, 15 models.... that's like 1 model in 2 days? Gotta love maths, it makes planning easier.

The problem is when you start painting after the 20th. Then you stop doing maths and switch to painting...quick painting.

Calculations will not get you this, painting will:

Plans for May executed in 100%. Oh yeah, it feels good. Even more when I see what I have after three months:

Oh yeah...


  1. Congratulations! Fortunately, you can paint like an Eldar and not a plague marine... Onward!

    1. I'll take that as a compliment ;) thanks mate :)

  2. Damn you again mr Nameless-painting-bot ^^
    Hope to see a fantasy army painted this fast after plague marines are done!