Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nameless Guard - Plans For May

The Painter's Activation event is divided into 5 months with individual theme. The general scheme is following:
March - heavy support
April - elite units
May - fast units
June - basic troops
July - heroes

In March I painted 2 basic units for my army, not heavy stuff (though I added 2 hellbrutes at the end of the month). In April, I painted 3 tanks, nothing elite. In May, I should be painting "Fast Strike" models... which I of course don't have.

I'm not good in following themes. I'm not good in getting additional points for additional tasks.

I still don't care about that. Plan is simple. Get a painted army! I'm going to stick to that.

The first unit for May are Terminators. 7 of them, of course. Four black ones are built of both good and bad space marines. Conversions are not mine, I've only added a standard for a boss. Three remaining models are plastic chaos terminators, no conversions.

Terminators will have their own transport vehicle. Land Raider will be the biggest model in the army, at least at this stage.

Finally, another plague marines unit. This time it is a unit "straight from a box". No conversions here, with the exception of a boss, who got a standard and power fist (old obliterator arm).

That's it. Keep your fingers crossed. If I paint all this, I think I will see a light at the end of a tunnel. As of now, I'm still unsure if I'm able to finish this army in 5 months.


  1. Fingers crossed. Hang in there for another month and you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. yeah, yeah, cross those fingers, I need every bit of support and motivation :)