Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better Late Than Never - Nameless Guard

The Nameless Guard project had been progressing so smoothly and efficiently. I really thought I could finish that army in 5 months. Miniature after miniature, unit after unit, war machine after war machine.

That was a good plan. To paint a full army in 5 months. To make an old dream of having my own painted army come true. Oh well, I failed. When I had just last 8 models remaining, real life kicked in and kicked my ass off the painting table.

"Failure is like a wind. It makes you stronger, but only if you oppose it"

No, it's not a quote from Sun Tzu's  Art of War. It's not another Paulo Coelho's brilliant thought. It's mine. I just came up with it.

Sorry for the poetic intermission. Back on topic.

I didn't fail completely. A full army in 8 months is quite a feat in itself for me. The last unit, Plague Havocs was made of old plastic plague marines and metal slaaneshi heavy weapons. Two of these look like missile launchers and two like... I don't know... lascannons or plasma cannons?

Yes, you may have noticed a standard space marine on the pic. Well, I ran out of plague marines, ok? Anyway, the unit got most appropriate name of Squad End and I was free to move to the last model for my army....


I'd added Reaper Sophie wings (54mm model) to the Scibor's chaos lord to make a leader for Nameless Guard and painted it in the very same way as all the other models. And when I finished it, I sat down and felt joy and pride streaming through my veins.

After 20 years in this hobby I proved to myself I could paint an army.


7 war machines. 7 units with 7 miniatures each. Nameless. 57 models in total.

Slideshow presenting the (almost) unstoppable growth of the Nameless Guard

Now, before I get too sentimental. I'm not a gamer anymore. I will not use this magnificent army on a table-top. And I'm sure it deserves to be taken to a real battlefield to destroy anything that stands in its path.

Anyone wants to have the Nameless Guard deep-striked straight to a gaming table? Give me a reasonable offer and who knows, maybe I will add a virus or two to the deal. No, seriously, this army is for sale.

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