Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nameless Guard - Motivation

The goal is clear. A fully painted army. How do I achieve it though?

There's this cool motivational event called Malarska Aktywacja (Painters' Activation) managed by one Polish chap, FireAnt:

Rules are very complicated, but on a basic level it's a Tale of Gamers. People have 6 months or so to paint an army. For every painted mini you get points, plus there's a lot of chances to grab some bonus points. A theme for March is "Heavy Support," so war machines are to be awarded more than usual. There are also additional tasks and categories... In the end they add up the points and there are some rewards to be given to the best participants.

You know what? Screw points, themes, best painting awards, largest army awards...

I'll try to use this Activation event as a motivation for my own goal. Thank you FireAnt, I hope you can help me. If Nameless Guard is finished in July, I'll owe you a beer or two.

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