Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mr. Bones

As you already know I did not paint for few months. In the meantime I've received my Reaper Bones kickstarter set. I have a lot of plastic miniatures lying around now. I do mean a lot!

When I had decided to get back to the painting table I just put my hand into the bag and pulled few miniatures out of it. Mr. Bones, the kickstarter project mascot was one of them. Looked like a good way to start painting that huge pile of Bones.

That new plastic material is very interesting indeed. Not sure yet if I like it but it has some advantages. Oh, it has some drawbacks as well. For instance, it doesn't react well to aerosol primers... Yeah, I should have read about it BEFORE priming, not AFTER. The primer layer has not cured completely making it pretty difficult to paint over it. Oh well, I painted Mr. Bones anyway. Cute little sculpt originally comprising part of this 54mm set. No, I didn't convert it, it came with a shovel.

I came with a rather long title for this piece.


I was back and ready for more painting!