Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nameless Guard - Squad Virus

As I've written earlier, if my plan to finish an army in 6 months is to be successful, I need to paint 2 - 3 elements (unit or machine) every month. Precisely speaking, 2.5 elements per month.

For March I've picked 2 units of plague marines and 1 dreadnought. You can see them on the photo below.

Oh wait, you actually can't see a dreadnought. Well, that's because I don't have it... yet. I should visit my friend's place tomorrow to collect it.

I tried not to waste my time and started working on the first unit while waiting for that dread. My speed amazed me. What you can see below was finished in one evening...

The second evening was spent on bases, and here it is - Squad Virus in all its dirty, rotten, sickening glory!

7 plague marines, including 2 special weapons (plasma guns) and a champion with a power fist and plasma gun. As you can see, they are heavily converted. Some conversions look good - I bought them from someone. Other conversions are mine. I will write few words about paintjobs in a separate post. What matters now is that I found a quick way to paint these miniatures, which makes my plan slightly more feasible!


  1. Z daleka wygląda fajnie, ale przydały by się bliższe zdjęcia.
    Wpisywanie kodu przy każdym komentarzu jest odstraszające...

  2. Nie jestem pewien, czy chcesz z bliższa oglądać ;) Na poważnie - pewnie się pojawi zbliżenie jakieś prędzej czy później.
    Kody wyłączone.