Friday, March 15, 2013

Nameless Guard - Start Up

You already know that I've started painting as a gamer. Painted armies are always a sight to behold. Thing is, I never had a painted army. Never. Not one. Some heroes, parts of units, single monsters... far from a full army though. Not enough patience, not enough motivation.

Nameless Guard was supposed to be my second 40K army. I got quite a few plague marines models... and that's it. That army has never been built; not one miniature has been painted. Why am I talking about it today, when I can't even remember when my last game took place*?

Well, Nameless Guard shall be called to arms now! I want to prove myself I can paint an army. I want to feel pride and joy at the sight of my own painted army.

The army, that will never see a battlefield...

* 5 years? More?